• Josie Moretti

Is your child Twice Exceptional (2e)?

Is your bright child performing as expected academically? Verbally, she impresses you with advanced vocabulary and with creative ideas. But when she puts a pencil in her hand, it is like she is a different child. Her writing may be messy with short sentences , misspelled words , and lacking the descriptive language she usually uses. She may be Twice Exceptional. According to the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), 2-5% of school-aged children may be gifted and have a learning disability. The IDA lists the following characteristics as common of 2e children: Superior oral vocabulary, advanced ideas and opinions, high levels of creativity and problem-solving ability, extremely curious, imaginative, and questioning, discrepant verbal and performance skills, clear peaks and valleys in cognitive test profile, wide range of interests not related to school, specific talent or consuming interest area, sophisticated sense of humor. Look on my homepage to access the full IDA article.

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